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Nice to meet you!


About Me

Hello! I'm Kerby Stivene. I'm deeply passionate about guiding and empowering individuals on their personal development and leadership journeys. With a unique blend of timeless wisdom and personal development & leadership expertise, I am committed to supporting and inspiring people to uncover their true potential and live purpose-driven lives and for organizations to thrive as leaders in their industry and communities. 

When I'm not working or among people, I'm with my family. I am happily married to my wife, Marie, and we are nearing our 8th anniversary. We have been blessed with three children: 6-year-old Bryanna Joyce, 4-year-old Deborah Serenity, and 18-month-old Timothy Kerby. I am a fitness enthusiast and love the outdoors, as long as it's not snowy or rainy. If it is, you'll find me indoors watching a movie or just hanging out!

I am looking forward to get to know you soon!

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Kerby Stivene Personal Development and Leadership Coaching coaching leader church ministry

Passionate about Raising & Training leaders


Passionate about cultivating leaders in organizations, I dedicate myself to raising and training individuals to embrace their leadership potential. Witnessing people discover and harness their innate leadership abilities brings me immense joy. I thrive on guiding individuals to recognize their capacity to lead not only within their professional spheres but also in shaping the trajectory of their lives. My mission revolves around instilling purpose and vision, empowering them to steer both personal and organizational paths with a profound sense of mission. Through strategic training, I aim to foster a new generation of leaders committed to making a positive impact.

Relevant Credentials & Certifications

  • JMT Certification (In progress). Certified Speaker, Coach & Trainer with the John Maxwell Leadership Team. 


  • Level II Transformational Leadership Coaching Credential with Leadership Coaching Canada

  • Life Coach Certification with IAP - International Association of Professionals Career College.


  • Two decade of experience in Church Leadership 

  • Over 500 hours of 1-on-1 Coaching, Mentoring, & Training individuals

  • Over a Decade of experience in public speaking in French and English.

  • Founder & Lead Coach for Kerby S. Personal Development & Leadership Coaching. 

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